Tony Edgecombe

Product Road Maps

11 Feb 2009

I have rough maps of where my development effort is going to go on both Mail Print and Print Distributor so why don't I make them public? I certainly get enough requests for new features, many of the requests are followed by demands for when they will be implemented.

The problem is development is pretty unpredictable, especially if you are working in area you are unfamiliar with. Setting an expectation that a new feature will be available in March then not delivering until November isn't going to win you many friends. Promising a feature then cancelling it is even worse.

There is also the problem of letting your competitors know what you are planning, there are a few products which are obviously inspired by my software. The problem these people have, is they are always a step behind, this is where I want them to be.

So my response to questions about future features and roadmaps is please buy the product on its current capabilities, if it doesn't do what you want then look elsewhere. If you have bought and aren't satisfied then let me know and I will refund your order.