Tony Edgecombe

Which camera to take

17 Aug 2010

We just got back from our summer holidays in northern Italy, as we were travelling around quite a bit I wanted to travel as light as possible so didn't take my SLR. This time we made do with a Canon G9 and the camera in my iPhone 3GS.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the camera in the phone, obviously it isn't near the G9 but it can take remarkably good photographs. It took my a little while to figure out that you can specify what part of the photograph to meter on, just touch the display on the subject of the image. There is a reasonable amount of noise in poorly lit photos but on the whole it is very good for a phone.

There is an iPhone app called Best Camera which is good at editing and uploading photos to Flickr although it does seem to loose some EXIF data.

My photos tagged with iPhone on Flickr